On Apr 18, 2024

ComInTime : your article generator for natural search engine optimization

In a constantly evolving digital world, ComInTime positions itself as the preferred ally for companies looking to increase their online presence through social media posts and blog articles optimized for SEO, all generated by artificial intelligence (AI).

ComInTime : your article generator for natural search engine optimization

However, the importance of adding a human touch to this AI-generated content has never been more crucial to stand out.

The benefits of AI for your content strategy

ComInTime's AI offers a quick and efficient solution for creating relevant content that resonates with your communication strategy. This considerable timesaving allows businesses of all sizes to focus on other aspects of their digital strategy while maintaining an active and engaging online presence.

Google and AI-generated content: finding the right balance

Google displays increased vigilance towards AI-generated content, making it essential to add personal anecdotes or manual touches to ensure the uniqueness and quality of the content. This confirms to Google and readers that behind each publication, there is a human effort to personalize and enrich the content, thus ensuring a better user experience.

Google's E-A-T model: why is it important?

Experience, expertise, authority, and trustworthiness (E-A-T) are essential criteria in Google's eyes for measuring the quality of content. At ComInTime, our commitment is to provide content that not only meets these requirements but surpasses them, thanks to the contribution of expert knowledge, reliable and authorized content, and unparalleled user experience. Integrating personal anecdotes or adjusting AI-generated content is a step that perfectly aligns with these criteria, adding an essential human dimension to digital content.

AI and humans, a winning combination

ComInTime's cutting-edge technology combined with a personal touch allows for the creation of unique content that captivates and engages. In these times where digitalization reigns supreme, it is crucial for businesses to equip themselves with powerful tools while preserving the authenticity that resonates with their audience. ComInTime accompanies you in this process, ensuring that each published content strengthens your online presence while honoring the importance of human interaction.