Why ComInTime

Devise an effective solution to a collective problem

At WEB&DESIGN, we firmly believe in the power of the method, pragmatic tools, quality, human relationships and the deep meaning of things. These principles guide each of our actions, and ComInTime which we designed and developed, did not deviate from the rule!  

Once upon a time there was ComInTime…

Once upon a time there was ComInTime…

Our communication experience on social networks showed us the limits of the exercise. The absence of an easily consultable and progressive communication strategy can make our online presence disparate, hampering our ability to convey a coherent and impactful message.

And this is not the only difficulty we encountered! We ourselves have sometimes fallen victim to the frenetic rhythm imposed by algorithms, making it difficult to maintain consistency over time and favoring quantity over quality. Despite or perfect knowledge about theory and several years of practice, we needed to ritualize our communication actions and dreamed of a tool structuring our work.

ComInTime was born of this observation: no tool (whether online or offline) was meeting our expectations. So it became urgent to remedy the situation for us and for our customers! 

Our vision of good communication

Define your goals and create content responding to them

A clear definition of your goals and a correctly structured communication strategy will enable you to convey the right message on your social networks.

Publish regularly authentic and diversified topics

Take on the challenge of creating content by publishing sincere content at a regular pace.

Ensure that your communication strategy is in line with that of your company

Adjust your communications strategy whenever it is necessary with our easy-to-use interface and adapt your content accordingly.

Involve the right people at the right time

Don’t neglect your colleagues' saying: give them the opportunity to share their ideas to enrich your communication.

Identify your targets and adapt your discourse depending on their motivations

Pay particular attention to the audience you want to reach so that you can adapt your message to their motivations and obstacles.

Learn about best practices and the latest trends

Stay on course by informing yourself about the trends you may be adopting and updating yourself on the practices you need to integrate into your communication strategy.