On May 30, 2024

Roles in the ComInTime method

Nowadays, it is evident that many companies and professionals are transitioning into the ever-evolving digital world. Consequently, communication plays a crucial role in this effort to stay current and thrive in their environment and market.

Roles in the ComInTime method

While some may grasp and master this domain easily, it presents a significant challenge for others. Beyond its foundational elements and essential concepts, communication can quickly become a source of problems and conflicts if misunderstood or poorly executed by company members. This is why tools like ComInTime rise to this challenge, helping businesses structure and clarify their communication strategy, and crucially, create content for their media that aligns with their goals. In essence, the primary goal of this solution which includes a method, an application, and a service, is to communicate more swiftly and effectively, thus staying ahead of the competition and enhancing online visibility to prospects and clients.

Given that nothing in communication is left to chance, the method ComInTime relies on incorporates all the essential pillars and assists companies in guiding their communication. Through its four workshops, internal teams can synchronize and ensure that content production is optimized and relevant.

In this article, we will focus on one of the most important factors of the ComInTime method, addressed during the first workshop: the assignment of different roles within a team. These roles help to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each participant concerning the company’s communication. By dedicating time to these roles, time spent on communication becomes optimized, and each selected profile can contribute meaningfully. But before defining these roles, remember that to enhance your online visibility and save time, it is crucial to choose the most creative employees, those willing to invest their time in your communication and that believe they can add value.

Discover without further ado the three main roles of the ComInTime method!

The idea generator

During the first workshop, it is initially necessary to quickly recall the identity, background, and current roles of each person involved in the company’s communication. This synchronization helps identify the most suitable profile for the method. Understanding who typically comes up with content ideas, writes, illustrates, and publishes them is crucial to appreciate each collaborator's added value. The first role identified within the team is the idea generator. Reflective and inspiring, this profile is best suited for suggesting content ideas to enrich communication and identifying the most relevant topics for the company. They are adept at monitoring social media and staying informed on current events and trends, even if they lack specific writing or visual creativity skills. Nonetheless, they have a wealth of resources to draw on for inspiration, being at the heart of their business and able to step back from the company's projects to turn them into communication tools. 

With the ComInTime application, these profiles can easily submit their content ideas to others involved in the company’s communication, optimizing everyone’s time and fostering reflection on the topics to be addressed.

The communicator

The second profile identified in the ComInTime method is the communicator. This role can encompass numerous skills: inspiration, writing, creativity, editorial planning management, and more. The communicator is obviously an essential part of the team and is the profile with many essential skills, such as creativity, rigour, respect for spelling and animation. Whether trained or not in the fundamentals, they understand the basics and enjoy dedicating time to the editorial and visual aspects of proposed publications. They can also suggest topics and act as an idea generator in the ComInTime application. This flexibility makes the solution adaptable for any team size. Communicators critically observe competitors' actions and may also monitor social media. Essentially, this role does not need to be a professional; it can simply be someone interested in communication and willing to invest time in content creation.

The manager

As in any company, it is crucial to designate someone responsible for validating the team’s work and representing the company's communication by assuming the decisions made. The final role in the ComInTime method is the manager, who aims to approve or reject the idea generator’s suggestions, monitor the communicator’s progress, and validate publications, but also and above all, to ensure that the company's communication strategy is in line with that of its business. Typically, this role fits a leadership profile within the company, accustomed to managing a team or validating colleagues' work on communication. The manager can easily manage this work through the ComInTime application, providing feedback to the idea generator and communicator without losing valuable time. Depending on the company type and team size, one person can fulfill all three roles: idea generator, communicator, and manager. It is essential to ensure the individual meets the criteria for each role to guarantee relevant, regular content production that enhances the company’s online visibility.

Bonus: the expert

It is true that since the beginning of this article, it has been specified that the ComInTime application assigns 3 types of role within the team involved in a company's communication. However, the solution also relies on a service delivered by a dedicated method expert. With relevant advice and occasional help on request, the expert ensures rigorous monitoring and assists companies with editorial and visual tasks. Trained in the method, the expert provides rigorous support for companies seeking guidance. Interested in this role? Learn more about their skills and the benefits of engaging their services in a short time…


By assigning one or more roles to each team member responsible for the company's communication, you optimize work time and allow everyone to develop specific skills in a fitting profile. The ComInTime method supports this role assignment and, through its user-friendly application, ensures the production of relevant content aligned with the company’s communication goals, also addressed during the workshops. Engaging the right people within your company will enhance your online visibility and maximize inspiration for creating qualified content that resonates with your audience.