On Mar 14, 2024

Manage your contents effectively: backstages of ComInTime application !

As a communicator, mastering the codes of the digital world is essential to convey messages effectively on social media platforms. However, with the increasing complexity of online content management, it has become indispensable to have a tool that accelerates production processes while ensuring rigorous monitoring of publications.

Manage your contents effectively: backstages of ComInTime application !

While applications like Trello, Buffer, or Hootsuite have been helpful in facilitating task management, many communicators quickly encountered limitations in their use as they were too distant from the overall strategy. This is where ComInTime comes in, offering a plethora of features necessary to optimize online communication and meet the specific needs of industry professionals.

In this article, we will delve into the various interfaces offered by ComInTime to enhance your online communication systematically and efficiently.

Structure your communication strategy

Before diving into writing content for social media, it is crucial to ask the right questions to ensure the relevance and effectiveness of your posts. Content production should not be limited to mere online presence but rather approached thoughtfully and strategically. It is necessary to understand why we are communicating, what message(s) are being conveyed, who the audience is, and what objective(s) are to be achieved. ComInTime guides you through this process by providing interfaces for defining your strategy:

List your objectives, targets, and media

Nothing should be done before clearly outlining your communication strategy! This essential step allows you to give a clear direction to your actions on social media. Thus, through the strategy definition interface, ComInTime enables you to list all communication objectives you aim to achieve, outline the typical profile of your targets by creating a persona for each, define the media platforms where you will establish your presence, and configure their editorial lines. By taking the time to define your communication objectives, detailing the motivations and barriers of your targets, determining which media platforms you will be most effective on, and what tone to adopt in your discourse, your communication will resonate better with you, revealing opportunities for your online reputation. ComInTime also allows you to prioritize your information to align closely with your company's vision and ensure your communication makes sense.

Write your communication messages

Once your communication objectives, targets, and media are clearly defined, it is time to consider what message(s) you will convey in your posts. Indeed, the content of your post will not be interpreted the same way by two of your targets present on different media platforms. Thus, it is crucial to define what information you want to convey and to which target. The message definition interface in the ComInTime application allows you to write the message corresponding to the right target and addressing the right communication objective. This ensures that your communication is never off-target, and every post you produce for your media platforms will inevitably find its audience.

Map your company's activity

At this stage, your communication will have taken shape, and your actions will seem more concrete. However, it is important to recall the elements that constitute your company's activity. Sometimes, many communicators find it challenging to clearly define their company's values, mention its industry sector, and know all its professions and activities. The thematic definition interface allows you to map out the major themes that make up the company in question. Values, professions, products and services offered, causes defended, operating mode... Each key element associated with it can be a content topic even if it's not initially on your mind! Thus, by listing your themes, you better understand the sector in which your company operates, master your domain perfectly, and never run out of inspiration.

These steps are essential for producing content that reflects your company's vision and meets the set communication objectives. ComInTime helps you develop your online visibility strategically, reminding you that each topic you address is just a support for your message: it must serve a specific objective and address a real issue to impact your audience effectively and remain in line with your strategy.


Produce strategic content

At this stage, communication is a subject that holds few secrets for you... or almost! Now that you have laid the foundations of your strategy and are clear on the vision you want to adopt for your online media, it's time for you to write a publication that follows the work done in the application.

Ensure your publications meet your objectives

After launching a content idea, it's time to evolve it into a coherent topic that aligns with your strategy. To do this, ComInTime guides its users through an interface designed to create content while constantly reminding them of the necessary elements to ensure it aligns with their vision. Thus, the application offers the ability to visualize the strategy, objectives, and targets entered beforehand, to ensure that relevant content is produced. A section dedicated to AI usage allows you to synthesize the essence of what you want to address in your publication, ensuring you never run out of inspiration and remain efficient in producing your content. With choices of visuals and possible adjustments in your publication's writing, media selection and scheduling, you're good to go!

Track your publication's progress step by step

Simply writing your publications would not be as interesting or impactful on your communication without proper management and long-term monitoring. Indeed, many online tools like Trello allow task management and project tracking but lack temporal tracking functionality and analysis. By classifying your ideas and then categorizing them by status as allowed by the ComInTime publication management interface, you can optimize your work time and be more efficient in your tasks by knowing which idea(s) to devote the most time to. Contents can be categorized into the following: "idea launched," "to be processed," "to be validated," "to be scheduled," "to be published," and "scheduled." You have the option (as with your communication objectives, targets, media, or themes) to prioritize them in the order you want and move them to the status you want to impose, to organize your work and give even more meaning to the strategy you have put in place.

Organize your content over time with the editorial calendar!

As we know, time is often our worst enemy in content creation. ComInTime's scheduling feature allows you to effectively manage your editorial calendar and optimize your work time. The interface offers a calendar to visualize your publications over time, whether by month or year, giving you an overview of your communication strategy in the long term. Even if the topic management page already gives you an overview of the publications you want to post on your media, the calendar offers you flexibility in planning your content. With an intuitive drag-and-drop function, you can easily schedule your publications and adjust your calendar as you see fit, based on current events or trends. This ergonomic ease of use allows you to quickly adapt your strategy according to your company's needs and your audience.


Enhance your communication and progress through rituals

Measure the effectiveness of your digital communication

You've written your publications, categorized them by status, and scheduled them over time, while ensuring each one addresses one of your communication objectives and conveys a relevant message to the right audience. The work seems to be completed... However, there remains one last particularly important phase in monitoring your online communication, which concerns its analysis! Because if you produce content on your social networks and let your publications run their course once they're published, you will never truly measure the impact and effectiveness of your actions. That's why ComInTime places great importance on analyzing its communication, offering through an analytical dashboard the actions that have been taken. A view by objective, target, theme, or media is available to focus solely on an element of your choice, as well as a period to select to see what has been processed or not during that timeframe. This further adds meaning to the time spent structuring your communication and creating your content for your media.

Receive content suggestions in your analysis report

An analysis report configured for the desired date is also available on the ComInTime application. Beyond simple configuration interfaces, it is a comprehensive work tool with which it is entirely possible to analyze your communication. Receive a monthly overview of what was published last month, as well as content suggestions you could create for the upcoming period, aligned with your strategy and allowing you to achieve your objectives. By providing a comprehensive and detailed view of what your communication has elicited, ComInTime ensures you publish topics aligned with your strategy, as well as regular monitoring of your actions to never overlook crucial elements for effective communication on your media.

Stay on track with reminder notifications

As no element is overlooked in the ComInTime application, a reminder notification feature has been added to keep communicators and publication managers informed of the status of the entries. Because ComInTime is an application that aids in structuring communication but also a method on which solutions rely to maintain rhythm and define the pillars of its strategy. Many other issues revolve around publication tracking, including adhering to the pace dictated by algorithms and social networks, as well as the perceived pace within a company's internal services. That's why ComInTime allows sending notification emails to ensure nothing is overlooked when communicating and to ensure precise tracking over time.

In summary, the ComInTime application has been designed to simplify and optimize every stage of the content creation process for social networks. By combining a methodical approach with intuitive features, ComInTime allows you to produce quality content in line with your communication strategy, which you can also enter into the software in advance, saving you time and offering a clear vision of your upcoming publications. Thus, you maximize your chances of better communication and increasing your online reputation, a sought-after factor by companies aiming to thrive in the current and future market.