On Apr 25, 2024

How to create a communication strategy with ComInTime?

Social networks and other online media will never remind you enough how defining then writing a communication strategy is important when you want to create online content. In fact, it helps a company improving its online presence, and overall achieving its goals by taking actions in that field.

How to create a communication strategy with ComInTime?

Without it, messages to convey will certainly be poorly served and will not allow you to really understand your communication impact on your audience. It is thus crucial to respect it once defined to guarantee that your message will be effective, cohesive and will reach your target public.

Therefore, ComInTime guides you on the importance of building then structuring an effective and relevant communication strategy, reminds you the key elements that make it up and explains you the ease with which it can be entered into the application.  

Why is it so important to have a communication strategy?

A clear and well-developed communication strategy is a fundamental element of any business aiming to thrive in its environment. It provides the company with a precise roadmap to guide all its communication actions, ensuring consistency and relevance in all its interactions with its audience. In defining clear goals and establishing precise guidelines, such a strategy avoids dispersing communication efforts, which could lead to a waste of resources and a dilution of the message transmitted on social networks and other online media. Furthermore, a well thought out communication strategy reduces the risks of misunderstanding and confusion within the team itself : it is essential that the strategy is understood and shared by all the members of your company who contribute to your communication.

By establishing clear protocols and providing consistent direction, it minimizes the opportunities for contradictory or inconsistent messages that could damage the company's credibility. Developing a solid communications strategy is therefore an essential investment for any company wishing to maintain an effective presence compared to its competitors. It guarantees the effectiveness of the company's communication efforts while strengthening its reputation and credibility with its target audience.

What are the key notions in communication?

Understanding the advantages linked with the elaboration of a well communication strategy doesn’t totally help you to build it: you must respect elements that make it up and clearly define them so that it can then be structured and adjusted over time to offer content that is always in phase with it. It's not a question of writing a simple plan to follow, but of making these elements coincide with each other to shape it and better understand their impact on your communication. However, there are as many models of communication strategy as there are communicators! This field is based on a common foundation, but each person is free to apply their own constraints and rules to form their own personal strategy.

Then, that basis includes:

  • Communication goals: clearly define what you want to achieve thanks to your communication is the key element when you start creating content! These goals can vary according to the specific needs of your company, but they must be measurable and aligned with your global business objectives, to guarantee consistency in your communication actions.
  • Targets: identify with precision who are your target public to better understand people you want to reach on your social networks. By knowing exactly which profiles you want to target, you maximize your chances of conveying your message more effectively and enable you to produce content that is increasingly relevant to the goals you want to achieve.
  • Personas: represent your ideal customers by listing their main characteristics, that is their motivations and disincentives. It will provide you to better understand their needs, preoccupations and behavior, so that you will accordingly adapt your message in consequence. A persona for each of your targets will also allow you to save time in your content creation, reminding you the goals to achieve.
  • Medias: select the most appropriate channels for your company to reach your target public and meet your goals. For example, it can include social networks, blogs, mails, online advertising and so on. It is essential to wisely choose channels that are the most likely to reach your target audience effectively, so as not to do your messages any harm.
  • Editorial line: structure the tone, formats to use and subjects of your communication to guarantee constantly consistency and effectiveness. A strong editorial line helps you reinforcing your brand identity and creating durable link with your audience. It also ensures that your messages are cohesive and recognizable, which enhances trust and your company’s credibility.

How can ComInTime help you define then implement a communication strategy?

When all these elements are reviewed and defined, the stakes are high when it comes to content creation. The key is to constantly ensure that the subjects chosen for coverage are in line with the communication strategy defined in advance. That is where ComInTime comes in, offering you a method including co-construction workshops where you can discuss your communication with the help of an expert. These moments give you the opportunity to go back to basics of your knowledge in the field, to define together and intelligently the elements that make up your communication strategy, but also and above all to understand why you really want to communicate.

In addition, the method includes a retrospective that allows you to go back to the strategy established in advance and verify if your communication is still in line with elements you defined and that make it up. The ComInTime’s application interface used for content creation has also been created to constantly remind you your strategy, by selecting your communication goals, targets, message or media on which you want to communicate.

Having a well-defined and structured communication strategy is crucial for any business aiming to succeed in the actual numerical world. ComInTime offers an effective method and practical tools to facilitate that process, providing companies to maximize the impact of their communication efforts, and achieve their business goals with confidence and insurance. By investing in a strong communication strategy with ComInTime’s help, businesses can reinforce their online presence, build customer loyalty and stay one step ahead of the competition.