On Oct 19, 2023

How to involve employees in content creation?

In the digital age, content creation became the central pillar of communication strategy for online businesses. It allows them shaping an identity, telling a story and building a connection with the audience. However, in this never-ending quest for quality content, it can be challenging to consistently find relevant and original content ideas, and many companies overlook an invaluable resource within their own ranks: their own employees.

How to involve employees in content creation?

These employees, whether they are in the field, in management, or in meetings, possess a wealth of experiences, expertise, and ideas that can be harnessed to enrich content creation. By considering them as ambassadors of your company, you maximize your chances of creating effective content, primarily based on real-life experiences from your own team. Every role within your company is important and can become a considerable asset when leveraged wisely.

Still wondering how to involve your team in content creation on your social media? In this article, discover 3 tips (with 3 different profiles) to help you maximize the internal wealth of your company, which is your employees!

The hidden gold within the ranks

Communication of companies should not be perceived as a task reserved exclusively for marketing or communication departments. In fact, employees of businesses are much more than mere task performers. They are privileged witnesses of the company’s daily life, and their interactions with the outside world, customers, partners and even among themselves hold a wealth of opportunities to fuel content creation.

Your employees: ambassadors of your company

The active observer: the commercial in action  

Sales representatives are often the first points of contact with customers. They have a profound understanding of customers' needs, concerns, and interests. By requesting their expertise, you can gather valuable insights for content creation. For example, when they attend trade shows or meet with clients, they can capture key moments by taking photos, videos, or noting anecdotes. These authentic visual and narrative elements can be used to create impactful content or to illustrate case studies, bringing the customer experience to life in a tangible way. By encouraging salespeople to share their stories, you turn these collaborators into ambassadors who enhance public trust.

The Witness of Achievements: The Site Manager

Site managers and project managers have an intimate knowledge of the company's operations. They are at the core of project implementation and can provide valuable insights into the milestones achieved, the challenges overcome, and the solutions found. Their testimonies can be transformed into blog articles, case studies, or explanatory videos. This demonstrates the company's expertise in its field and illustrates its ability to successfully tackle challenges. By seeking their input, you both value their expertise and strengthen the company's credibility.

The Spontaneous Idea Generator: The Employee in Meetings

Every meeting among colleagues is an opportunity for creativity. Employees attending these meetings can bring a unique perspective. They can reevaluate discussions and decisions made during meetings and turn them into content ideas for social media or the company's blog. For example, a meeting about the company's values can inspire posts about the corporate culture or commitment to social responsibility. By encouraging employees to express their ideas, you make them valuable contributors to content creation, thereby enhancing the authenticity of your communication.


Employees are a valuable resource for content creation. Their active participation can provide a constant source of fresh and authentic ideas. To maximize this contribution, it is essential to establish a culture of collaboration and encouragement of participation. ComInTime tool can play a crucial role in facilitating the collection and management of this valuable content, without replacing the creativity and commitment of internal teams.