On May 16, 2024

ComInTime's 6 tips for creating professional visuals on your social networks! (level 2)

Communication on social media became a key element of any business strategy. For beginners, grasping the fundamentals of this practice can pose a significant challenge, just as it does for the more experienced individuals who must constantly adhere to these norms to produce content that aligns with their strategy.

ComInTime's 6 tips for creating professional visuals on your social networks! (level 2)

Even when the basics of communication are understood and mastered, the journey doesn't end there! It's all about evolving your communication and the content you create to achieve your goals more swiftly and effectively. Therefore, adjusting your message and producing even more technical and relevant visuals can be an asset in this quest for improvement. Understanding the importance of visual quality in your publications, and asking the right questions, is essential to capturing maximum audience attention and conveying the right message visually and instantly.

After offering 6 tips for creating relevant visuals on social media as a novice in communication, ComInTime now advises seasoned professionals on achieving even higher-quality content.

Tip #1: study your environment for better inspiration 👀

When it comes to creating compelling visuals that catch the eye, inspiration can come from various sources. However, the primary source remains the environment in which your business operates. Take the time to observe what's happening around you, whether it's within your company, in your broader environment, or even in other sectors. By identifying emerging trends and understanding what works (or doesn't work) for others, you can refine your approach and create unique visuals that stand out on social media.

Tip #2: choose the most suitable format for your message 💬

Social media platforms offer a plethora of formats for sharing visual content: images, videos, infographics, carousels, stories, and more. It's essential to select the format that best suits your message and target audience. For example, a video may be more engaging for certain types of content, while a static image may suffice for others. By understanding the specifics of each format, you can maximize the impact of your visual communication. You can also create your own formats to differentiate the various messages conveyed in your content.

Tip #3: respect your company's brand guidelines 🎨

Visual consistency is a key element of any effective communication strategy. By adhering to your company's graphic charter, you reinforce your brand's visual identity and ensure that your visuals are immediately recognizable to your audience on social media. Therefore, make sure to use colors, typography, and visual elements in line with your company's established guidelines, while allowing room for creativity to innovate and evolve with industry trends.

Tip #4: prioritize information hierarchy 🏆

In a visual, each element should have its place and importance. By prioritizing the information to be conveyed, you facilitate your audience's understanding of your message and maximize the impact of your visual communication. Use techniques such as contrast, text size, and layout to guide the eye and direct attention to the essential points of your visual. Your audience will quickly grasp your message, allowing you to adopt effective communication in your publications.

Tip #5: encourage your audience to take action 🙇🏻‍♀️

An effective visual not only grabs attention but also prompts action. Incorporate clear and compelling calls to action in your visuals to encourage your audience to interact, share, comment, or take a specific action. For example, encourage your audience to view the next slide of a carousel by incorporating visual elements conducive to this action, or encourage them to explore the content of your publication after viewing its visual. By giving your audience a convincing reason to engage, you strengthen your relationships and uphold your strategy.

Tip #6: utilize advanced tools to boost your creativity 🖥

Advanced technologies offer a wide range of tools for creating superior-quality visuals on social media. Explore the advanced features of graphic design and video editing software, particularly those offered by the Adobe suite, to push the boundaries of your creativity. Tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, or Premiere Pro can enable you to create technical and sought-after visuals, demonstrating to your audience that you prioritize your communication and produce relevant content for your social media platforms.

By following these insightful tips, you can create quality visuals that capture your audience's attention and enhance your brand's image on social media. As proponents of communication fundamentals, it's essential to evolve your communication towards even more relevant content with sought-after visuals that align with your strategy. Applying these tips can help you maximize your impact and achieve your goals.